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B&F was established in 1984 building aqueous parts washers.



What is an aqueous part washer?

The "Quadra Jet" is a fully self contained unit which uses hot water and inexpensive chemicals to clean. It has a rotating turntable with four banks of jets which spray from the top, bottom and both sides of the machine. The door opens and the carriage rolls out just like the dishwasher in your home.

Todays high cost of cleaning can be reduced using the "Quadra Jet". By being self contained, all oils, greases and other contaminants are contained within the unit. These contaminants, oil & greases then can be disposed of in a regulated way keeping the enviroment clean.

Why should you own the Quadra Jet Spray Washer?

In my 30 years of personal contact with the manufacturing, overhauling and repairing industry, whether at conventions or in the shop, the questions have been the same. How do we overcome the cost of cleaning? What do we do about the mess and the time?

Twenty years ago, these were problems with no real solutions.

The answer is the Quadra Jet Spray Washer with use of water and inexpensive non-toxic chemicals – very economical and efficient. With today's competition the move is towards modernization, speed and high production.

Every one of my many customers said the same thing. "The Quadra Jet Spray Washer saves me from $30,000 to $40,000 per year." I have never experienced an unhappy customer. Their shop is clean, their workers are happy, and their bank account looks good!

- Benny Benvin


114 Bowlsby St.
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 6Z8

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